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The Flip Side

And here’s what was on the other side of the page — part of a report on The Planets (back when there were nine).  Reading it now, I’m relieved to know that I hadn’t yet been taught about attribution!

Springbrook Beats Penbrook!

In honor of the last day of the Olympics, here is documentation of one of my earliest athletic feats.  I actually didn’t like swim team practices, and the meets scared me, but you can’t sense that in what I wrote here!


Dave’s Chart — Late October, 1985

In this week’s chart, Dave’s feeling particularly poppy.  Can’t fault his taste for anything here — “Can’t Get There From Here” is the great overlooked R.E.M. pop single (in my humble opinion), “Our Lips are Sealed” is the Go Go’s finest moment, and “Little Creatures” were the Talking Heads at their poppy best as well.  And the Three O’Clock and Squeeze were stalwarts on my mid-80’s charts, too.  No indications here of his later predilection towards more rockin’ stuff, while I stayed a “pop” (not popular music) fan.

As for the softdrink footnote, Yoohoo definitely is the winner!

Snapshot of Time: September 1985

John’s response – he was at Carnegie Mellon when he wrote this, but flying the Mets’ flag high.  He was right about Bombo Rivera’s move to Japan — in fact, he made a splash in a big way in 1985, hitting 31 home runs for the Kintetsu Buffaloes.
As for the “Glad All Over” reference, I had been looking all over for a 45 copy of the pivotal pop song by the Dave Clark Five, in Sam Goodys and thrift shops across northern New Jersey.  I never did score a copy.

Starting a Baseball Thread

The 1985 pennant race (remember those, before baseball banned them with excessive wild card teams?) came down to the Mets and the Cardinals.  Ultimately, the good guys fell short, but there were moments of euphoria which inspired notes like the one below, which was probably addressed to my good friend and partner in agony, John F.  His reply will follow next.

40 Years and At Least 100 Horses Apart

And which was the sweeter ride?

American Humor

D’oh!  This picture must have been taken during one of our junkets to New Orleans to see the Super Bowl.  This was the year that a lot of Dad’s buddies also went — Joe the Hawk, Chippy, and others.  We did some stuff together the day before the game, including a cruise on the riverboat that you see in the picture.  (Got to love Frank’s Widow Browns jacket; I still have two, but only in red, not blue.)  One of the guys on the trip was a friend of Dad’s who lived in Chatham, and who I believe was single.  We were all in the stateroom of the boat, sitting at tables for lunch.  This guy was chatting up one of the women he met on board.  Dad told Frank to go over to his friend’s table and say, “Daddy, Mom says you have to come back our table, and she’s mad!”  Frank dutifully performed the task with a sheepish grin.  I still remember the guy’s momentary look of confusion, and then embarrassment!  Anyway, it was a tough weekend for him.  He lost $5,000 on the game when the spread didn’t work out at the end, and the last look at him that I got was of him sitting on the bed in his hotel room, head in his hands….


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